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If you are here from my newsletter, Hi! 👋 and read on because there is a little more in this journal for Izza that I haven’t already written.

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Since this is my first project to document and the idea didn’t come to me until I was actually writing the blog post for publication and making the pattern “live”, the journal for Izza is going to be a bit short and different than where I plan to take future entries.

I will start with a quick story about the making of Izza and the stitching scare that brought about a design change. 

a short story

Recently, I traveled to Ohio to visit my daughter. In my project bag for the plane was a singular, wee cake of Lion Brand Coboo, hook and stitch markers. I was fairly certain that I was going to make a hat and knew what I wanted it to look like.
I had a short, stay-on-the-plane layover in Missouri but it wasn’t a terribly long flight, I had my yarn, downloaded audiobook and fully charged electronics. I thought it was going to be the perfect travel project… all the way until we started the decent into St. Louis.
Noting the halfway mark of my journey I realized I had already completed the body portion of the hat. I started to panic a bit because, as a stitcher you understand- I was nearing the end of my project and facing the dreaded empty hands.
This lone ball was the only yarn not in my checked luggage. 😱
What to do?
I altered my plans for the ribbingbrim. My original intent was to make a standard, frontback post hdc, but I still had hours left of air time, I would finish that long before landing. Enter sl st ribbing. I knew it would take more time to make and so this is what I did.
And, wow wow wow am I glad. It’s just so pretty.

doing it anyway

Sidenote: I have a feeling this might be a heading more times that I want to think about… 😖

Well, I have just hit “live” for the blog post even though I had a major realization last night.

Why & What

I decided to go ahead and make the web version of the pattern “live” and available because well, 2 things really. 
1. I already mentioned to the facebook group friends that I was about to do it. 
2. Honestly, I just needed a Win. 

While giving the pdf one last read through to check for errors or missing links or spelling mistakes, I read these words “{see Tutorial}”.

I forgot to make a swatch and photograph the details of attaching the ribbing to the body of the hat. 

Friends, this is going to take hours and seeing something like this when you’re all excited and pumped up about a pattern release is just so so deflating. 

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why izza?

For me, when it comes to naming the new pieces the stories are one of two things- either odd and interesting or the most boring of tales.  

Izza falls into the boring category. Sorta. Boring because I tend to pick names this way a lot, but not boring, because of the namesake. 

While at my computer, creating all the necessary files and documents that go along with making a pretty, squishy thing in my hands a reality in the digital world for you, I was also talking to one of my kiddos that received a text message from a lovely young lady we have known for many years, Isabelle. 
From there = Izza.

I hope you have enjoyed the journal for Izza. As I continue to create patterns with the new feature of documenting the process in mind, I anticipate adding more details, silliness, and likely some of the frustration that goes along with the process. 

all in one place

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thank you


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