Mila Luna

7 month old, black Labrador puppy looking at camera, laying on white bedding with white background.

Our new furbaby

Mila is *technically* my son’s dog. She came to live with us because his roommates weren’t thrilled about adding a puppy even though they said they were. So, she’s here for an undetermined amount of time. 
When she first got here, I was nervous. Lucy, our blue heeler, has been an only pup for a long time. While she does well with her kitty friend (I use that very loosely, they’re not buddies, they just don’t try to eat each other) and my other children who keep her company, she’s never really been excited about meeting other dogs. 
We introduced them at a park, neutral territory and all that. Turns out, I was nervous for nothing. They love each other. Lucy is an old, old lady but she’s been chasing Mila around the house like she’s half her age.

Cars are for riding

Everything was fine, loud and full of chaos, but happy.
That was, until, I got a call from my daughter. She took both of our happy dogs to PetSmart for some toys and a stylish collar for Mila. 
The call began like this: “Mom, call the vet.” 
She told me that Mila jumped out of the car. She said she only saw the neon green flash from her leash through the rearview mirror as she leapt out of the window. And no, it was not rolled down all the way, just enough for, what was thought, them to hang their heads out and feel the rushing on their furry little faces.
Ya’ll, this is nuts. What in the world? Seriously?!? Jumps out of a moving car? *sigh

X-ray image of puppy, focus on broken femur

Once I saw that vet bill though, jumping out of a window seemed more and more like a good idea… Yikes!
She ended up fracturing her femur bone. She was at the vet for 3 days: 1 night at the puppy emergency room and 2 nights at our veterinary orthopedic surgery hospital. Bedrest for a 7 month old puppy is harder than it sounds. Mila, as my kids put it, is made of wiggles. 
Update: 6 weeks post-op
An x-ray showed Mila’s healing to be where it should be and looking good.
The doctor released her to resume all normal puppy activity, full-bodied wiggles and all.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for the support and pattern purchases made during our Mila Surgery Fund Sale. We were able to cover the initial fee needed to have her leg repaired. The rest of the bill is kinda like a car payment- for which we get our very own streak of black, zoomy machine, except this one is also a stealer of socks and mail destructor! Lol

When you use our affiliate links to make Amazon or Walmart purchases it continues to help in paying for our Frankenpuppy’s medical as well as “keep the lights on” here at the site with patterns being released as often as I can.

Top down photograph of new puppy with matriarch blue heeler lying together.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Lucy, Mila and Raven (the kitty), follow me on instagram they make regular appearances!

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