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Can you have too many crocheted tops?
Maybe, the question is: Can you ever have ENOUGH crochet tops?

I can’t stop making them. Capaldi is made in the great boxy style for the body, that is just *so easy* to wear! But it’s given a level up with the upper detail stitching and fitted shoulders. 

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gray crochet top, capaldi, on hanger



I stepped a little out of my standard lighter weight yarn for this one. I absolutely fell in love with this yarn. To be honest, I was a little worried it would feel heavy and stiff, but after a big ‘ol swatch, I knew I had made the right decision.

It has a very rustic look to it, but in a really really good way. The yarn is soft and is lighter in hand than what you’d expect. 

Another bonus about this yarn- worsted (size 4, medium) weight!! Three cheers for speed!

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Other yarns that would make a great Capaldi

Silk Garden Solo

LoveCrafts website
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 14 #4 | medium
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 14 45% Silk 45% Mohair 10% Wool


WeCrochet website
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 14 #4 | medium
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 14 100% Superwash Merino Wool

Roll With It

Joann website
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 14 #4 | medium
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 14 100% Acrylic

The sizes available

As always, this top is size inclusive. What that means is, I have written this pattern for 10+ sizes.  Ranging from the standard XS – to 6X with an extra (+) for an added level positive ease. See Finished Measurements below for the inches│centimeters of each size.

The way to decide which size you should make, is to first decide what kind of ease you’d like for the tee to have (you want it a little snug? or a little loose?). For example, the Capaldi I am wearing has a 2″ [5 cm] negative ease (smaller). My chest is 49“ [124.5 cm] and the Capaldi is 47″ [120 cm]. 

Then, follow the instructions for the size with the finished measurements you want.

more tees for your hook

The skills you need

This stitching for this top is not hard. There are a few “specialty” stitches I made up specifically for this pattern, because I wanted all the shaping to be “just so” (I’m a bit of a goofy perfectionist that way).
But I would definitely not say they are hard and there are instructions on how to work them.
The thing that keeps me from listing this as an “Easy” pattern is the shaping. Again, it’s not hard, but there are places where you will be shaping on both edges of the pattern pieces at the same time. So it could get a little tricky.
So, making sure all of that is clear:
The stitching is easy, you’ll just need to read the instructions carefully and make sure you are always aware of Right and Wrong sides of your fabric. 

chain – single crochet – stacked double crochet (optional) – double crochet – together – slip stitch

Prefer a PDF? love stitch diagrams?

Some quick info about the Capaldi crochet tee free pattern post:

The pattern page has complete directions – or – you can inexpensively purchase the pattern.

EtsyLoveCraftsPayhipRavelry Makerist 

and you will receive an ad-free, linked│interactive pdf download, which also includes:

  • Complete Stitch Diagrams
  • Schematic of Measurements
  • Sizing│Ease Chart; chest (created in inches and centimeters), that has done the math for you on which size will deliver what ease for standard body measurements.
lady wearing gray crochet top, capaldi

The Capaldi Tee is made in 2 pieces, Front and Back, working from the lower hem to the shoulders. The sleeves are added and worked at the same time the pieces are stitched.

A wide, but not too wide and deep, but not too deep V-neck…. ya’ll! Eeep. 

lady wearing gray crochet top, capaldi

So, this isn’t the most flattering picture of my backside to have on internet display, but its a really great picture of the upper detail stitching (*sigh, the sacrifices I make for ya’ll, lol 😘 )
The more open stitching starts fairly high on the tee. I’m pretty self-aware about sheer and lace clothing. I’ve worn this top out and around the city several times and have never felt uncomfortable or the need to wear a tank or camisole under. So happy about that, because it is still quite warm here.


lady wearing gray crochet top, capaldi

After you have the front and back complete, seam across the shoulder and from the sleeve edge down to the hem. 
I also added a little edge around the neckline just to keep it tidy.

finished measurements

CHEST│HIP 32 (36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 68, 72)” [81.5 (91.5, 101.5, 112, 122, 132, 142, 152.5, 162.5, 172.5, 183) cm] after light blocking

lady wearing gray crochet top, capaldi

The pattern

Enough details already, I know you’re ready to get stitchin’!

For a limited time, this pattern is available over at Oombawka Design Getting to work with other designers and share our internet spaces to showcase (& BE showcased!) is such fun.
Rhondda has some truly great designs over on her site, when you’re there, please make sure to peek around. She has a series of showcase pieces (like this one), so look for that and maybe find a new-to-you designer to love.

lady wearing gray crochet top, capaldi

Stitch & Share

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